The Ventouris family established D&A Contractors, Incorporated in 1985. The company was founded in Silver Spring, Maryland as a woman owned business by Helen Ventouris. Helen Ventouris, along with husband and business partner Demetre Ventouris, completed a variety of projects early on to create an outstanding record of completing jobs within the project budget and time constraints. As D&A grew, their names became synonomous with excellence and efficiency. Their determination and passion for construction laid precedent for the blossoming company. The tone was set from the top. All employess embody this passion as D&A moves forward now- over 26 years since first “breaking ground.”

D&A Contractors excels in all forms of projects from the most general of renovations to exotic specialty construction. D&A has built a twenty-five-year relationship with material suppliers and vendors. The company has a multi-million dollar bonding capacity that enables the performance of multiple projects. D&A is a financially sound company employing numerous tradesmen, many of whom, have served for over 15 years. The staff consists of master electricians, master plumbers, HVAC mechanics, painters, and certified tradesmen who produce a ”turn key” project in true D&A fashion. The job sites are safe and healthy environments monitored by the on-site superintendents and quality control officers. The entire D&A staff understands the importance of a safe job that finishes on time and within budget.

Co-founder and President of D&A Contractors, Helen Ventouris, has over 30 years of business experience and administrative management. Specializing in organization, outreach, and procedure, Helen has ensured that D&A provides unparralled quality and never leaves a client uneasy or unsatisfied with a project.

The company’s co-founder and Vice-President, Demetre Ventouris, is a trained mechanical engineer and experienced tradesman of over thirty years. Demetre is a key link between what is going on in the field and the client’s ultimate vision. Working closely with project managers and superintendents, Demetre’s style of project management has proven to be system that ensures the client’s expectations are not only exceeded, but the finished work truly “stand’s on its own.”

D&A continually strives to reach new excellence with every project. The latest technology and practices fused with the values and hand-craftsmanship of old produces results that clients are continually amazed by. How can a company continually provide such service and complete projects on time and within budget?

Allow us to show you. Allow us to build your dreams and set them in stone. Literally.

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